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Our Story

It all started with software.

Founded in 2011, we made our name in software development, amassing a global following of users and clients, thanks to our proprietary platform that helped companies distribute and build better software. Since then, we’ve expanded our expertise and invested in building value-driven products that engage more audiences worldwide.

Recognized by Google.

Within a year, we grew from a team of 4 to 10. We launched and scaled our network to over 200 partners, and we were named a Google Canada top 10 AdWords partner, deepening our roots as a media technology company.

A global network.

With the success of our growing partner network, we hosted a global event, the Tel Aviv Software Meetup. We also launched our internal software product division and built the analytics framework that became known internationally as Deskmetics.

Named company of the year.

Recognized by VIATEC, an organization championing our local tech sector, we won the award for Emerging Technology Company of the Year, and our team grew to 36.

A new venture in digital publishing.

We found ourselves at the VIATEC awards again, winning Product of the Year, while launching Upwords Publishing Inc. with a new team in a new office—only a 3-minute walk from Redbrick Media headquarters.

2nd Fastest Growing Software Company.

We rebranded from Redbrick Media to Redbrick and were named the second-fastest growing software company in Canada by Profit 500. We acquired Deskmetrics and relaunched our SAAS platform for desktop software analytics with clients like Logitech. Towards the end of the year, we also launched our highly anticipated productivity app, Shift.

Bringing influencer marketing in-house.

Last year, we added influencer marketing to our lineup, launching the SAAS platform, Assembly, which streamlines influencer management and content scaling. Shift 2.0 launched with a full suite of advanced options, while Upwords officially joined the Redbrick family all under one roof.

A growing global audience.

As of this year, our global audience has surpassed 1 million daily active users and 100 million monthly page views. We rebranded Upwords to Assembly as our publishing team grows and technology advances. Our latest venture, Bedface, brings the savvy online shopper direct-to-consumer luxury bedding, while our global team is now 45 strong.

What We Do

Value-driven products.

Today, we’re known as investors and innovators across industries, from desktop publishing to direct-to-consumer e-commerce - and, of course, our original claim to fame, software. We believe our products have the power to engage audiences and reinvent business around the world by offering value to users, customers and clients alike.

Our Team

The faces behind Redbrick.

Today, ours is an expanding team of experts, from software developers and engineers to graphic designers and business strategists. Together, we’ve pushed the envelope and built internationally renowned software and technology, winning awards for our innovation and accolades for our customer support.

Leadership Team

Tobyn Sowden


Marco Pimentel


Nicole Lee

VP of People and Operations

Chris Dykstra

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Linda Christie

Director of Finance

Neil Henderson

GM, Software & Extensions

Erin Josephy

GM, Bedface

Nadia Tatlow

GM, Shift

Michael Foucher

Director of Products, Shift

Stewart Lord

Director of Technology, Shift

Jamie Geiger

Director of Operations, Assembly

Aaron Sundberg

Director of Technology, Assembly

Doug Middleton

Director of Marketing, Assembly

Join the Redbrick family.

From software analytics to e-commerce, developers to media buyers, we’ve got a family of brands and tech-savvy players who want you on our team.