Influencer Marketing, Streamlined.

Assembly brings all of your influencer marketing campaigns
under one roof, managed by you.

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Manage Campaigns, Seamlessly.

Assembly makes influencer marketing management easy, and scalable. Whether you’re managing 1 or 100 influencers, you’ll have all the stats you need at your fingertips.

Influencer Onboarding

With Assembly, it’s easy to invite influencers to join new campaigns, and get started running campaigns in minutes. You can communicate with influencers, right in-app!

Create Targeted Campaigns

With advanced targeting and analytics, you can identify your campaign goals, right from the start. We’ve also made it easy to approve and review content, every step of the way.

Set Budgets & Milestones

It’s easy to set a budget, but Assembly helps ensure you stick to it, and reach every milestone. You can specify targets for each influencer, or the campaign as a whole, for added transparency.

Create. Manage. Execute. Analyze.

One platform built to help you #InfluenceResults, every time.

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