Redbrick acquires advanced email and automation platform, Delivra.

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Rethink digital publishing

Powered by intelligent technology leading the charge, our own publishing stack has become the proving ground for technology-driven, scalable content. Visit Assembly


Technology-powered digital publishers

Powered by intelligent technology, an in-house media team, Assembly is one of Canada’s fastest-growing digital media groups. In a time when traditional and digital publishers are in decline, our technology is powering engaged audiences.


The technology that changed the game

Digital disruption has turned industries on their heads—but few have felt its effects as intimately as the media and publishing sector. We knew the future of content would be online and contingent on intelligent technology to survive. So, we created the technology to support that future.

Assembly Assembly

Our technology powers publishing at scale

Our technology powers content. We work to anticipate the demand for today, so we can serve up content for tomorrow, analyzing where content, readers, and technology will go next. Assembly's technology powers these numbers.


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Unprecedented growth

After four short years, Assembly's technology now powers over 30 million visitors and 150+ million page views every month.

Visitor Growth

Visitor Growth

Powered by intelligent technology

Want to know the secret to our growth? It’s called Statera: Our proprietary technology and publisher analytics solution that retrains the machine-learning systems of marketing platforms like Facebook and Google to auto-optimize ad placement based on reader behaviour. If that sounds like a brain game, think of it this way: More relevant and dynamic content for readers, more scale and revenue for advertisers.

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Best Use of Audience Data

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The future of digital publishing

The future of digital publishing is dependent on our ability to anticipate readers’ needs. With software engineers at our fingertips, we’re leading the development and integration of innovative technology within our publishing stack, gaining insights on our readers’ behaviours and informing our next moves.


Experience the power

Want to learn more? Visit the Assembly website and experience how Assembly powers digital media.

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