We buy great companies and build them into something even better

To us, an acquisition is more than just buying a business. It’s about supporting long-term growth, making an impact, and opening the door to the next level of success.

How we’re different

We’re not a private equity firm—we don’t want to strip your business for parts, cut teams, or break what you worked so hard to create.

We want to build on it.

Redbrick started as a marketing services company. Our strength has always been taking great products and making sure the world knows how great they are.

We call it The Redbrick Advantage. It’s at the core of how we operate and how we successfully support and scale every company we buy.

Today, more than 3,000 people interact with our products every minute. And we’ve won a bunch of industry awards and accolades along the way.

The kind of companies we’re looking for

When considering companies for acquisition, we look at three important things:

They focus on the digital entrepreneur

Whether it’s launching an email campaign or spinning up a landing page, we’re interested in companies that help digital entrepreneurs thrive.

They already have a great team in place

Great companies don’t happen on their own. They start with a team of smart and dedicated people. And we want to keep those amazing people in place.

They’re profitable

We’re interested in companies that are financially healthy and either need the leadership, marketing resources, and/or the capital to take it to the next level.


Our Process

Acquisitions can be complicated, so we created a four-stage framework to ensure that we’re all on the same page.



The exploration phase. We learn everything we can about your business.



If a deal makes sense, we write a letter of intent that outlines the scope of the acquisition.



When it’s all but official, we introduce key people in our companies to make sure we click.



Lawyers are called. Paperwork gets signed. Champagne gets popped.

A Recent Acquisition


In 2020, Leadpages’ owners wanted to focus on other projects. We saw an opportunity to own an outstanding product with a fantastic brand and a great team behind it. So we made a deal.

In the short time since the acquisition, Leadpages has seen impressive growth; 35% net new MRR growth from Q1 – Q2, and 5 new hires to support key business goals. They’re not just succeeding. They’re thriving.

Our next acquisition

Our next acquisition

Another great company

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding companies to acquire and grow. If an exit is something you’ve been considering, let’s have a conversation about what that could look like with Redbrick.


Or help us find one

Be our inside person. We offer generous $25K USD referral bonuses to anyone who successfully helps us find and acquire a company.