Global Software Distribution

Built in-house, our software distribution platform combines a powerful optimization algorithm with an expansive network, supporting developers and advertisers in distributing their software and acquiring more users.

What you get

An advanced optimization algorithm.

Our PhD-engineered-and-developed algorithm optimizes your software distribution to help you target better users and increase your conversions.

Customized branding

Using our distribution platform shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of your branding. We work with you to brand and customize ads to your software’s look and feel.

Global reach

With seven languages and tools to optimize your ads locally, our distribution platform is truly global with reach in 138 countries (and counting).

What it means for you.

Optimization for developers.

Our software distribution platform offers developers the most intelligent solution for tracking and optimizing your software.

Traffic for advertisers.

Partnering with only the highest-quality distributors, we connect you with the right users at the right time, so you can sell more software.

“Since we started working with Redbrick, our business has grown over 1200% thanks to their excellent platform, technology, guidance and on-point support.”

Distribution Partner

“The team is unmatched! Redbrick is among the few companies that have an excellent product, and stellar customer service. They make my job as a software developer easy.”

Software Developer

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