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What began in an intimate, red-brick office of software developers has grown into a global name of disruptive tech-first companies that are engaging audiences around the world.

Technology-powered, solution-driven

We tend to think the best solutions are the ones that haven’t been thought of yet. So, when we face a problem, we like to think bigger than the status quo. Sometimes, that type of thinking just happens to make waves—or a new company.

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Meet our companies


Rethink Digital Publishing

Our digital publishing company, Assembly is reinventing the digital publishing world, powered by intelligent technology, an in-house media team, and dedicated content experts.


Streamline Your Workflow

When the inefficiency of multiple email accounts and apps dragged down our productivity, we made Shift: A simple, functional and beautiful answer to digital workflows.


Enhancing how we experience the web

Our in-house browser development company, Rebase is redefining how we experience the web, partnering with the world’s largest search engines to create custom, user-centric browsers.

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