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What began in an intimate, red-brick office of software developers has grown into a global name of disruptive tech-first companies that are engaging audiences around the world.

Technology-powered, solution-driven

We tend to think the best solutions are the ones that haven’t been thought of yet. So, when we face a problem, we like to think bigger than the status quo. Sometimes, that type of thinking just happens to make waves—or a new company.

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Meet our companies


Rethink Digital Publishing

Our digital publishing technology company, Assembly is disrupting the digital media industry with an innovative stack of technology.


Streamline Your Workflow

When the inefficiency of multiple email accounts and apps dragged down our productivity, we made Shift: A simple, functional and beautiful answer to digital workflows.


Turn clicks into customers

The newest addition to Redbrick’s portfolio of companies, Leadpages is at the forefront of customer acquisition, helping small businesses build websites that convert.


Enhancing how we experience the web

Our in-house browser development company, Rebase is redefining how we experience the web, partnering with the world’s largest search engines to create custom, user-centric browsers.

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