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Emails that work as hard as you

With unrivaled customer success and powerful email automation, Delivra supports and serves marketers and entrepreneurs with the tools to engage with the right customers, and create impactful interactions. Visit Delivra


20 years of email expertise

Marketing has changed a lot since the turn of the century, yet email remains one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with customers. Founded in 1999, Delivra pioneered the age of email marketing through straightforward and powerful email solutions. And they’re still excelling at it today.


Rooted in a simple idea

It all started with a simple goal: to make email marketing faster, easier, and less confusing. Delivra was born and that’s just what they did. Leveraging straightforward email solutions and outstanding customer success, Delivra empowers businesses to drive results through better email marketing.

Built for both big and small

Solopreneurs to multi-nationals, agencies, and more, trust Delivra to thoughtfully engage with their customers. Delivra scales with you and provides the tools you need to succeed every step of the way.

Built for both big and small

More than just emails

Harnessing deep integrations, powerful segmentation, and event-triggered, multi-channel automation — not to mention best-in-class customer success — Delivra is the premier solution for marketers and companies to strategically engage with customers and scale meaningful interactions.

More than just emails

A hands-on approach

Most companies say they have great customer success, but few actually deliver on the promise. Delivra is different. Customer success is at the core of everything they do. After all, marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to figure it out themselves — they need answers to their questions, fast. That’s where Delivra comes in.

A hands-on approach

Powering meaningful interactions

Today, Delivra serves digital entrepreneurs and marketers with powerful multi-segment email solutions, sending 200+ million messages a month. Its passionate team has more than 20 years of experience serving businesses in almost every industry.


Messages sent per month


Years Experience


Team Members

The obvious next step

With our proven track record growing digital businesses and an undeniable synergy with marketing platform and website builder, Leadpages, it made perfect sense for Delivra to join the Redbrick family. Redbrick gains a team of industry experts while Delivra leverages our unique mix of talent, capital, and technology to support its growth.