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Custom browsers for desktop and mobile

Redbrick was built on a foundation of powerful software. It earned us awards, accolades and a global name. Today, we funnel our software development savvy into our legacy business, now known as Rebase, developing custom browsers for both desktop and mobile and enhancing how users experience the web.


It all started with analytics

The first days of Redbrick were dominated by software: We built a proprietary marketing platform that helped companies scale and build better software through powerful analytics. As we grew, we began leveraging the platform ourselves to scale a new venture: custom browser development.

May 4, 2012
Installs: 200K


Browsing made smarter

Our software engineers capitalize on Chromium’s open-source browser, as well as Electron and Muon, and partner with established search giants like Bing and Yahoo! to customize browsers for desktop and mobile, ultimately enhancing how users experience the web every day.


It’s in the numbers

We integrate end-to-end analytics in every browser we develop, leveraging numbers into smarter business decisions and more users. Think big: Over 1.5 million active daily users.


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